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Artist Bio ::: Photographer Jason Lyte

Jason Lyte has become one of the most sought after photographers in the New Jersey – New York, metropolitan area. While widely known for his broad scope of photographic styles, Jason’s technique adapts to the context of the environment, capturing and enhancing the intricacies that make each moment uniquely beautiful. His attention to light ensures a sculptural depiction of his subjects, while preserving the vivid colors that saturate real life. Jay and his photographers pride themselves on flexibility, capable of directing traffic and dictating poses, or instead retreating to a proactive stance in anticipation of that next special shot.

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Jason’s work often leaks from it’s seams, hinting at a multitude of stimuli; From the hard angles and gritty textures of urban sprawl, to the lush foilage of deciduous forest and serenity of sandy beaches. Coupled by everyday interaction with a diverse population of people, Lyte Studios is commonly cited as a source of truly diverse photographic spectrum, capable of producing traditional stills as well as evocative artwork.


Stylized to Traditional

In recent years, Lyte Studios has witnessed explosive growth in wedding photography clientele due almost exclusively to interest generated via word of mouth. Their ability to shoot subjects using a variety of methods and techniques provide an enormous range of stylized shots, distinguishing themselves from the status quo of bland, lazy and unimaginative wedding photographers that flood the wedding vendor marketplace. Be sure to read more about Lyte Studios’ photography process for a more intimate understanding of their philosophies on photography and customer service.


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